72% of consumers prefer to buy products about which they can inform themselves in their own language” (Common Sense Advisory)

I offer translation and proofreading services.

My areas of specialization are:


8 years of experience in international companies have allowed me to acquire a solid background in marketing. Thanks to social networks and digital development, marketing tools and techniques are constantly evolving; for this reason I keep myself constantly updated, you never stop learning!

I translate websites, newsletters, market research, press releases, company presentations and catalogs.


Watches and luxury goods:

assembly of a tourbillon
Yes, this is me as I am assembling a high-end mechanical movement.

12 years ago I started my career in the watchmaking sector with a degree thesis on wristwatch terminology. Later, thanks to an important in-house experience as a marketing and training specialist at the most renowned Italian haute horlogerie brand, I strengthened my skills and my passion for this sector and today I continue to study, translate and deepen my knowledge. . Accuracy in this niche is key, just like the movement of a watch!

I translate catalogs, instruction manuals, data sheets, highly technical training material, websites and press releases.


Gaming online

The world of online games is extremely technical and uses its own language and logic. I approached this sector in 2009 by translating catalogs and brochures, press releases, websites and ADV campaigns.



5 years at the largest manufacturing company in Europe of gardening tools allowed me to assimilate and deepen the technical language related to this sector. This too is a world to be discovered! I translate catalogs, online and offline campaigns, websites, press releases and company presentations.



English > Italian
Spanish <> Italian
French <> Italian